Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Crazy In Love

I've been listening to the new Eminem CD Encore on Rhapsody--I haven't sprung for the CD yet--and dang if I'm not really liking it. I agree with some of the reviews that it doesn't seem as inspired as Eminem's previous stuff. As I've written before, there's more than a few songs where he seems really bored and just going through the motions. But there's one song that really stands out--the song "Crazy In Love." It's pretty typical Eminem lyric-wise, but the greatest thing about the song is the sample of Heart's "Crazy On You" which is used pretty much perfectly. I've come to expect nothing less from Eminem as far as his use of samples. Usually, I'm all "oh, samples are so unoriginal" but I have to admit, when it's done right, they really work. Anyway, check it out if you can.

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