Thursday, December 16, 2004

CD Spotlight -- 12/16/2004

Sheena Easton -- The World of Sheena Easton (1993)

Anna and I have been listening to this extremely cheesy CD recently while she plays with her Barbie Princess & The Pauper Castle--which was her reward for a very successful foray into potty training. This is a CD that I bought in the summer of 1993 to replace another Sheena Easton best-of CD that I had which was woefully incomplete. And by woefully incomplete it was 19 tracks vs. 10 tracks, so one can hardly blame me for trading up.

It has all the best known stuff--"Morning Train (9 to 5)", "Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)", and "Strut." But it also contains the lesser known but absolutely fabulous "So Far So Good" which is just a great pop song and is about as close to perfect as pop gets. Add this to the fact that it's from About Last Night... and, well, how can you possibly go wrong? The rest of it is pretty much standard 80s cheesefest. The production on tracks such as "Machinery" and "Devil in a Fast Car" (both minor hits that I'd never heard before this compliation) postiviely reeks leg warmers and Rubik's cubes. But yet, there's something oddly intriguing that pulls you into "Machinery"--of course, it could be the fact that the word "machinery" is in a song, let alone the title of the song but who knows.

Sheena's voice is always kind of weak--or at least never the strongest. But these are pretty slight songs, so it's not that big of a deal. It'd actually be a little bit disturbing to hear a big Streisand or Celine Dion-ish voice doing these songs. I always remember the running gag on "Just Say Julie" about how Sheena sold her soul to the devil for success.

The songs are fun, but they're not going to light the world on fire. But they make for a fun time playing with my daughter. Moments like that you can't put a price tag on.Posted by Hello

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