Thursday, February 03, 2005

The broccoloid empire

Anna is sick with a cold from hell tonight and she asked to watch "The Powerpuff Girls" in her bed tonight as she fell asleep. Well, I can hardly deny her that because it's just so well written and hell, I enjoy it probably at least as much as she does.

The DVD we were watching tonight has one of my favorite episodes on it -- "Beat Your Greens." You just can't start watching it without finishing it. The evil Broccoloid Empire infects all the broccoli in Townsville with alien mind control spores with designs on taking over Earth. Of course, all the adults eat it, but none of the kids do. So once the leader of the Broccoloids hits the hypnotransmithisizer and hypnotizes everyone into a vegetable state, it's the PPG and the kids of Townsville left to fend off the invasion. Breaking off their arms or tops just causes them to regenerate--in the words of Blossom, "Swallow your pride, girls, we gotta eat 'em to beat 'em!"

The Powerpuffs are so cute and they're probably passe by now, but I still like how it's an example of girls saving the day, rather than all this pathetic Disney Princess stuff that seems to be shoved down the throats of our daughters. You can try to pick and choose what your kids watch and what they're exposed to, but parts of it are beyond your control. We don't have cable and Anna very rarely watches commercials but she still responds to them when she sees them--asks for a cereal she's seen advertised on TV or wants a toy that's shown. But I think the worst lesson the Disney Princesses and their ilk are teaching our daughters is that it is the be-all and end-all to have a man come and save you from everything. Or even more generally, that anyone is ever going to come and save you. Really, only you can save you. And yeah, that sounds like psychobabble, and it probably is, but it doesn't make it any less true.

Anyway, the PPG may be a little bit violent, but at the end of the day, girl power triumphs. And I still think that Buttercup is a cross between Lucy Van Pelt and Shirley Feeney.

Attack of the broccoloids!
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Brian said...

Right on man. I took my sister and niece to see the PPG movie in the theatre and it was too much fun. I felt myself twitching afterwords from the hyperkinetic. And, yeah, Buttercup is my favorite.