Sunday, May 08, 2005

Minnesota, horses, 90's nostalgia

This weekend, we went to St. Peter, MN to see our friends Barb & Chip. It's suprisingly not a really long drive and all in all it was quite relaxing. I watched "I Love The 90s" on VH1 till I was sick to my stomach (funny thing--I kept coming back for more, the glutton that I am) and Anna got to ride horses (which was probably the biggest reason for going.)

That's one big horse! (Pilot -- 8 years old)

More her size! (Buck--20 year old pony.)

I have to admit it was a bit unnerving because Chip just let her run around the pasture where the horses were (he kept a very close eye on her and scooped her up any time she got too crazy) but she had a great time. So begins her love affair with horses--something I think every girl probably has to do at some time or another. I mean, even Lisa Simpson loved horses.

I also discovered the joys of VH1 Classic which *gasp* actually showed videos! It was a hoot seeing the video to the Go-Go's "Head Over Heels" and Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out" just like it was 1984 all over again! This morning, I was all set to get a dish for our house, but after a day long diet of VH1, I've decided against it, as I'd probably never read another book again and just end up ignoring parental duties and feeling like a big old slug anyhow.

All in all, a fun weekend and a lot more relaxing than I initially thought it might be.Posted by Hello

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