Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sticky & sweet, now with real sugar!

I have managed, for the most part, to eliminate regular pop (that's what we call it here, as opposed to soda or Coke) from my diet over the last several years. It really is nothing more than liquid candy. This switch has been made all the easier thanks to Diet Mountain Dew, which really is nectar from the gods. The Diet Dew dispenser at work is out of order at least 40% of the time. I think it's because we're all addicts.

Anyway, someone at work mentioned Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback to me the other night, singing their praises and how "they taste like Pepsi and Mountain Dew used to taste when they were in glass bottles." Now this I had to try. The idea behind both Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback is that they are sweetened with REAL SUGAR vs. the high-fructose corn syrup that has sweetened soft drinks since the mid 80s and has been implicated in obesity and the health problems that come as a result.

You wouldn't think that it would make a difference, but it does. I had a Pepsi Throwback today and it tastes like Pepsi should and also does not result in the "oh my God, I have to brush my teeth NOW" feeling after drinking it. It is no less caloric than the HFCS sweetend variety, but hey, if I'm going to have the calories, it might as well taste better.

I don't envision myself going back to regular pop because of this, but I do believe I'll buy a case of this. It's only going to be on the market till mid June (at least according to Wikipedia) so it might vanish just as quickly as it appeared.

(image via - which has a good FAQ as well)


Paul said...

oh my god. you have cut FizzyPop out of your life?!?!?!?! :P

Matt said...

I have to try this. Does it cost more?

inkgrrl said...

HFCS is the devil. Unfortunately so are the artificial sweeteners. I gotta track down some of this throwback stuff - rarely do the caffeinated bubbly stuff but if I'm gonna, sounds like that's the way to go.