Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're all amateurs

I'm listening to Michael Chabon's new non-fiction collection Manhood for Amateurs on my iPod right now. My track record with audio books is spotty at best, but I usually finish them even though it almost always takes me longer than it would have had I just sat down and read the book. I was going to buy it but really, we're tightening all the belts around here these days so that wasn't going to happen. However, I did have credits from Audible so I picked it up there.

I am completely hooked. I posted this on Facebook, but it really should be required reading for all men - or at least for all men who are interested in learning a little bit about themselves and how they fit in with masculinity in general. Chabon, who wrote one of my favorite books, The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, is an odd duck - he both fits and doesn't fit the typical male stereotype.

I'm sure that I'll do a proper review once I'm through with it, but so far, so very very good.

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