Friday, October 10, 2003

Anna's driving us all crazy tonight as she's just totally manic running on days of being sleep deprived. And she's pulling this trick of when you lay down in bed with her, she lays there for a minute or two and then starts this crying business until you get up and read to her again. It's highly irritating and has resulted in me getting no time to write, read and/or blog before bed most nights this week.

The motivational speaker was actually pretty good--I'm almost embarrassed that I was so negative about it. He didn't really say anything that I didn't already know, but it never hurts to have that kind of stuff reinforced. I did notice that I was the only male in the morning session that I went to. I asked one of the nurses that went to the afternoon session, and there were no males in that section. So what does that say about me? Is this the irrefuteable proof that I'm from Venus while the others are on Mars? Does it say something about me that I was there, or does it say something about the other male employees of the hospital? Or is it both? I think the answer is yes. And no.

I'm kinda tired tonight and was going to call Kev this evening, but I did it over my lunch break today. Was good to talk to him again--hadn't talked to him in forever. Sounds like Gretchen sure is growing up. It was fun to talk and all that. I'm afraid we may never see eye to eye on politics, but hey, what can ya do? He's a way cool friend even if he's not a Dean supporter. :)

Tomorrow's our 6th wedding anniversary. We've been married long enough that our anniversary is on a Saturday again, just like it was when we first got married. We're gonna try to go the Niabi Zoo in the Quad Cities with Anna tomorrow, but it looks like rain so maybe we won't do that after all. I wouldn't mind just staying around home, but it would be fun to get away for a day.

Sounds like Anna's going to sleep pretty well for Heidi. That's good--we all need a break. I probably am going to go to bed here pretty quick, but just thought I'd check in and blog a bit. I was reading on the internet today that some obscenely large percentages of blogs are abandoned within the first couple of months. My goal is to NOT do that. I want to keep this up. I also want to get a cooler blog template--I haven't given up that goal--but for now this one will have to do. I wonder if you can get cooler ones if you pay for the thing?? I'll have to check into that.

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