Thursday, July 22, 2004

Pinball Counting

Anna and I just got done watching "The Pinball Song"--one of those classic Sesame Street clips from my childhood on one of her Sesame Street DVDs.  I'm sure you know the one--it's the "one, two, three, FOUR, FIVE, six, seven, eight, NINE, TEN, eleven, twelve" song that takes place inside the pinball machine.  It's pretty funky.  And come to find out, it's the Pointer Sisters doing the vocals.  Who knew?  Click here to walk down memory lane.  It's not quite the original, but it's good in a pinch.

Of course, I'll always love that orange haired piano player that breaks his piano while playing "Eight Balls of Fur."  Not sure what his name is, but I think he also sang that song that goes "tell me why do you always do the opposite of what I do."

And I also never realized that Roosevelt Franklin was retired because he was considered a negative stereotype.  According to one book, he was the only African-American muppet (although he was purple) and was mostly seen in detention!  Who knew?

UPDATE:  Here's the orange haired piano player.  Chrissy of Chrissy and the Alphabeats.

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Scott Niven said...

I've sung that pinball counting song to my son ever since he was born! I love that song!