Thursday, September 02, 2004

Greetings from the hinterlands

Yet another verbal gaffe from our ridiculous president. This one was uttered not 30 miles south of where I live.

Iowans bristle at Bush putting them in 'hinterlands'

Of course, it's not really getting any sort of real national coverage. (Sorry, USA Today doesn't count as serious media coverage.) If Kerry had said that, it'd probably be all over the news followed by loads of commentary about how out of touch he was with "the little guy."

I have to say that I'm losing faith in Kerry. He doesn't respond to any of the blistering attacks coming out of New York City this week. He reminds me so much of Dukakis--all he needs to do is get into a tank and look stupid. Oh wait--he's already got those NASA pictures. Strike that.

I just can't believe that we're actually going to re-elect Bush--that's not a given yet, but it's looking increasingly likely.

For an interesting look at what it might (read: will) be like, read this article from the Sierra Club magazine. Yeah, I know it's the Sierra Club, but it's pretty much spot on.

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