Monday, March 14, 2005

How things have changed (or not)

I stumbled across the uncensored version of the Scissor Sisters' "Filthy/Gorgeous" video this weekend (via Modern Fabulosity--and I can't remember how I found his site either.) Wow. One can see how it was banned by MTV--heck, they even banned the toned down version. A part of me was like "Sheesh, what a double standard because some of these rap videos have things that could be considered equally offensive, but no one gets all worked up over them."

But then I waxed all nostalgic and remembered what a fuss Madonna created 15 years ago with a little B&W (and slightly S&M) video called "Justify My Love." How tame it appears today.

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James said...

Welcome to the post-modern, post-christian era and the birthpains of social disintegration in western culture. i think the paradigm will continue to shift towards increasingly explicit sexuality and extreme individualism beyond healthy limits in the next decade. My 2 cents on the state of music videos today - "if you ain't dirrty, you ain't here to party"