Friday, June 09, 2006

The truth is out there

Today's my birthday! Yay me! I love my 30s so much. I love my graying hair, but what I think I love most about my 30s is I'm not in my 20s anymore. Living in a college town gives me plenty of reminders of why being in my 20s was not the best time in my life. I wouldn't change a thing about my 20s, but as Dolly Parton says in "In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad)" -- "no amount of money could buy from me/The memories that I have of then/No amount of money could pay me/To go back and live through it again."

Last night, Heidi and Anna gave me my birthday presents, even though I implored Heidi to not buy me anything, satisfied that my trip to Vegas to see Madonna was plenty of birthday present. She (of course) didn't listen to me and bought me a few little things. I got a new shirt from Younkers, a clock for my clockless office wall, and, to my great surprise, action figures of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from The X-Files!!!

(And yes, that is the Queen Alien bearing down on Mulder and Scully. I really love the Alien movies!)

I didn't even know that I wanted these! I have been so into The X-Files recently. I never watched it while it was on TV -- and now, I'm not sure why because it's right up my alley. Plus Gillian Anderson is gorgeous. I'm only just finished with the second season right now, and I hear that Anderson glams out a bit, dropping weight in a bid to be more "sexy" but she's perfect as she is (although she could be just a bit taller.) I've been Netflixing the seasons but borrowed the last season from my neighbor and can't wait to get season 3.

And although Mulder and Scully are super cool, the card I got from Anna was perhaps the most precious.

What I love the most is the backwards "I love you" which she does not because she's dyslexic but because she's left-handed.

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Cherry Red said...

Hey, Dan! Happy Birthday to ya!

I too love being in my thirties. And I also love the X Files. I watched it faithfully every week when it was on TV. Even went to see the movie. I think Scully and Mulder have the best chemistry.

And I think Gillian is the perfect height. Snerk. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that she and I are the same height. And that she had to stand on a box sometimes cause David Duchovney is kinda tall. I think I remember that. I hadn't thought to get the DVDs, though. It's been so long since I've seen them.

Our friends introduced us to their Season one of The West Wing (I know, we were under a rock or something) and we love the show. What fun TV show DVD's are.

And Anna's card is just too cute for words.