Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stuck in a loop

My iTunes has been stuck on Casey Stratton tonight, which probably means I'm feeling introspective and quiet which is a good thing. I really am getting excited to go to the concert in October. I have no idea what he'll play - and he has so much back material that he's never played live. I'm hoping against hope for a live version of "The Ash Grove" which is from his album of folk songs, but I'm thinking that probably won't happen. I think I'd settle for "Dog's Mercury" as far as out of left field songs go. I imagine we'll get the usual suspects "The Hardest Part", "Blood", and "Opaline" which are all fine and dandy, so basically, whatever he plays will be awesome.

But like I've detailed in a previous post, I'm mostly looking forward to being there by myself, walking around downtown Chicago for a while, hitting Borderline Music again (and hopefully not spending as much this time as I did last time! Holy buckets!) I'm also looking forward to the 7 hour train ride, which will be fun because I'll probably just sit in the observation car the whole time and look out the window while I listen to my iPod.

Hopefully the weather is decent.

But I think I'll give Casey a rest for now and go watch my Netflix.

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