Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The call

For as long as I have known my wife, she has been writing. For nearly that long, she has been trying to publish her works. She has been working on various manuscripts over the course of the time we've been married - one famously written in a week just prior to Anna's birth. Earlier this summer, she wrote what became a 60,000 word novel (novella to her as her full length novels are usually over twice that length). Once she got done editing and polishing it, she submitted it to a couple different small publishing houses that she had researched, thinking that the fit might be a good one. Yesterday, she got the 21st century equivalent of "The Call."

She called me at work yesterday afternoon saying "I need to read you this email." Basically, the gist of the e-mail was that Dreamspinner Press was interested in publishing her novel in both paperback and e-book format! So come most likely December of this year (she was thinking probably April or July of next year), she'll have a book that she wrote available for purchase. For those wondering, it is a male/male romantic fantasy with paranormal elements. I've read it. It's very good and I'm not just saying that. OK, I'm biased, but it IS good!

I have always teased everyone that my goal is to have her live out her dream of being a best-selling author so that I can live out my dream of being a kept man. Well, I better not quit my job just yet. Let's just say that we're not ready to go from me earning the main income in the house to her earning the main income. But it's really not about the money. It is, as someone told me earlier today, more about the milestone. I can't overstate how proud and excited I am for her. I love it that she is following her passion, despite the frustration and aggravation that getting your work out there can be.

I'll be sure to post a link here for folks to see when it's on the Dreamspinner web site. In the meantime, we're going to celebrate. I am so proud of her accomplishment. So many people dream of writing and publishing a novel. She has done it.


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That is amazing! Well done Heidi - so pleased for you :) I had a bit of a horrible time with a publishing company earlier this year so it's nice to see that someone who is so deserving of success getting it :) Can't wait for the pre-orders! Sign my copy?