Sunday, December 03, 2006

One more Whitney post...

...and then I promise I'm done for a while. I imported The Preacher's Wife CD to my computer last night - God, I hadn't listened to that CD in ages. And I'd forgotten how good it was. Especially the completely and utterly FABULOUS "Step By Step." And I'm not talking the heinous remix version that's on the Greatest Hits CD (and also, come to think of it, on The Preacher's Wife CD) but the original album version.

Talk about a perfect pop song, but of course, I'd expect nothing less from Annie Lennox. Although I have to say that it's a bit more upbeat than I've come to expect from her recently. But I guess it was pre-Bare so perhaps she was feeling better the day she wrote that song. I was listening to "Step By Step" as I was getting ready this morning and I fear I would have made a complete and utter fool of myself had there been a camera in there as the song hit the part of my spine that made it impossible for me to NOT dance around the bathroom like a maniac. And now I've just humiliated myself to the entire blogosphere. Oh well, no matter.

Anyway, listen to Whitney's "Step By Step" here. And then listen to Annie's. Surprisingly, I prefer Whitney's, although Annie's does have merit.

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