Sunday, February 25, 2007

She always gets her man

In honor of today's Oscars, I give you one of the best live performances EVER of a Best Original Song nominee (and eventual winner!) as well as one of Madge's best live performances EVER (despite being visibly nervous - check out her shaking hand!)

The weather has not cooperated very well with us (pictures to come later on. If you thought that last one looked like Narnia, just wait!) so we may or may not be able to make it to our Oscar party. But we'll see. It's still snowing, and the roads are completely snow and ice covered so perhaps driving on the may not be the smartest thing ever. I mean, I know the Oscars are important - but I certainly don't want to die trying to get there!

Talk to me General Schwarzkopf! Tell me all about it, wooo!


xolondon said...

This sounds better now than I remember it at the time! What a diva. Her earring falls off inthe final minute and she's talked about how it was like a million dollars falling off of her.

So funny how Aguilera is a ripoff of Madonna who was a ripoff of Marilyn (who was kind of a ripoff of Harlow).

One more thing - Madonna has a really good ass. She is not given credit anymore for being sexy, but what a body.

Aunt Phetamine said...

I loved Madonna so much back then. My first college roommate had a headshot of Madonna vogue-ing, and it was true Hollywood glamour. We all need to be lit and photographed with filters...

We're under about 7 inches of snow right and it's still falling. I WILL go to the Oscars party, however. It just might take me an hour to get there!

Enjoy the show. Stay warm!

Dan said...

XO - I was re-amazed by the performance all over again this morning myself. And as far as Madonna not being sexy - well, I thought she looked INCREDIBLE on the Confessions Tour. Not bad for someone pushing 50, no?

AP - I think filters would do wonders for photos of me! And yeah, we've got around 8 inches of snow here. The driveway is cleared although they still haven't plowed our street so there's a high likelihood of getting stuck at the end of the driveway. However, we ARE Oscar party bound.


xolondon said...

I feel inadequate with only 4 inches of snow.


Yuяi said...

This was a great performance! Brought back memories! She sure looked hot (but when does she not, I ask?!)!! :)