Sunday, September 21, 2008

Junk the morgue

In the last hour, Heidi and I have successfully brought up a lot of the crap that was in my basement office and placed it on the bed in my back bedroom office (which I am lovingly referring to as "my dorm room" because it really does feel that way!) Right now, my mission which I must accept is to go through it once and for all and decide what gets kept and what gets junked. Here's something to give you an idea of the enormity of my task.

A lot of it is junk that I have been carting around for nearly two decades - and the oldest stuff isn't even up here yet. A box full of MAD magazines and other sundry stuff remains in storage in the nether regions of the basement. My goal is to free myself of the shit that I am holding on to for no good reason or for reasons other people have put on me. I'm going to spend the next half hour doing that and then I'm going to get ready to go the meditation group at UUFA again. We'll see how well I do. Once the whole dorm room is done, I'll post pictures.

But at the rate I'm going, who knows when that will be.


Anonymous said...

Several things:

1)Love the Saint Etienne reference

2)I really like that belt.

3)What's the Ray of Light picture frame? Something rare?

4)You should put the Iowa drivers plate high up on the wall of your new office.Bitchin' cool!

5)I've seen that Star Wars figure before, on here.Forget his name, but he's definately had his own post, something about a lost arm.

6)I love the Pac-Man glass! If you're not keeping it, i'll take it! And accquaint it with a fancy curly straw.

7) I like the random set of 24 crayons in the corner.

8)I think that's it.

Myfizzypop said...

thanks to young daniel i spent ages examining the pic :) Don't bin any of it :P I am having SUCH a hard time decluttering the apartment right now. It happens every couple of years - i just can't bring myself to throw away the 48 Details magazines i have read once, or every Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly. Don't even get me started on the random Deb Gibson cuttings and memorabilia!! too hard!

God said...

Don't shitcan Jabba!

Dan said...

I would never dream of shitcanning Jabba! Even though he only has one arm, he is the closest thing I have to a Buddha, and let me tell you how much I need some kind of Buddha figure in my life right now!

And the Pac Man glass stayed as well. I wouldn't dream of getting ride of it. There is a companion mug that goes with it. Maybe I'll do a Pac Man themed post sometime.