Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pink elephants on parade

Anna and I took a pottery class at the Octagon Center a few weeks ago called "Pair of Potters" where basically you take your toddler to class and you do all sorts of clay projects. It was pretty fun--what was most enlightening was how most of the parents totally took over from their toddlers and came up with these ornately sculpted and intricately glazed masterpieces. My M.O. was basically to let her come up with something that was her own thing.

Well, one week we made piggy banks and instead of doing a pig (you could do any animal you wanted) I was suddenly struck with some divine inspiration to do an elephant. Now, the thing you gotta realize is that when it comes to artistic ability, Anna's catching up fast to me. There's a reason I got a C in 8th grade art and then never ventured back into art class again. After it was fired once, we got to glaze it, and I asked Anna what color she wanted her elephant. Of course, the answer was "pink!" So here's our pink elephant. Not bad for a toddler and her art-impaired daddy.

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