Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shower scene

(I just realized that the subject line of this post has several pop culture references. OK, maybe two, but still!)

Today, my biggest accomplishment has been the recaulking of the shower. As many here may recall (and if you don't scroll down two entries), I braved Lowe's the other day and bought this tape like substitute for caulk (love?) that we had previously put down in the shower, but was unfortunately too wide for the corners of the shower. Well, after one of the sides fell down, Heidi went to pull it up and THE ENTIRE rest of the substitute for caulk came up as well. It was at this point that she realized that we would have been in exactly the same situation had there been nothing in the shower. She detailed all the information to me in an e-mail while I was work Monday night. The subject line was "argh!" And whenever I get an e-mail with the subject line of "argh!" from her, I take a deep breath and then click open.

So since today was my day off, I ended up going back out to Lowe's (insert violins playing here) and buy regular caulk (3 tubes even!) and a smoothing tool. I bought three tubes because I thought I would need two, and there was certainly no way in hell that I was going to get 90% of the way through the job and run out of caulk. Plus it was only 3 bucks a tube, so what the hell?

I spent about 45 minutes this morning caulking -- using the precision of a surgeon as this is seriously the last time I want to be doing this for a while -- and overall, it wasn't that bad of a job. It was mostly the anticipation of having to do it that was driving me crazy, as is the case with most household chores that I don't want to do.

But it's done, and now all I have to do today is get my hair cut. And then the rest of the day, who knows. The possibilities are endless.

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Anonymous said...

And there was I thinking this was an entry about the glorious Saint Etienne song of the same name. It did make me smile though.