Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday 13 - Pocketful of quarters edition

As a child of the 80s, I grew up playing arcade games. For this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I’ve compiled a list of my 13 favorite arcade games.

My Thirteen Favorite Arcade Games

1) Donkey Kong – Probably my all time favorite growing up. I remember getting cheap manilla folders and drawing the levels on them and using them for school. Yes, I was that pathetic.

2) Frogger – Why is the frog as big as the cars? That is just plain freaky.

3) Ms. Pac-Man – I always preferred this to the original Pac-Man. The fact that there was more than one screen, that the fruit floated around the maze and well, let’s face it, it’s just a prettier game.

4) Mario Bros. – The original incarnation of what would become a Nintendo Entertainment system classic. Clean out the pipes, get rid of creepy turtles, crabs and fireflies. And two player action – my brother and I played this like crazy.

5) Popeye – Try to rescue Olive Oyl while trying to avoid Brutus/Bluto/whatever his name was. The only place I ever played this was at Adventureland in Des Moines!

6) Dragon’s Lair – I more appreciated this game than enjoyed it. It was basically an interactive cartoon, one that I sucked at bigger than life. And it was prohibitively expensive – 50 cents a play!! It wasn’t until I got this game for my PC that I finally got good at it. And even then, I still couldn’t win it.

7) Q-Bert –You’re Q-bert, that little orange guy with the funny nose trying to avoid Coily the snake while bouncing around on something out of an Escher painting. Loads of fun.

8) Pot of Gold – This is a little known game that I always played at the skating rink when I was growing up. You’re a little guy caught in the woods of Ireland or the UK or something and your goal is to find the pot of gold. It’s hidden in plain sight, but the leprechaun can move it around. And of course, his touch is lethal. An easy game that got a lot of bang for 25 cents.

9) Joust -- The only arcade game I’ve ever seen where you fly around on an ostrich knocking knights off buzzards, collecting their eggs and avoiding a flying pterodactyl. It sounds like a dream I might have had!

10) Sinistar – I LOVED this game. Alas, I also sucked at this one as well. Sinistar was so cool, so evil, but the controls on the game were so haphazard and well, it was just hard to play. But Sinistar talked! And not just in a computerized voice like the Berzerk game did, it sounded like some creepy guy talking to you!

11) Burgertime – A little chef running around trying to get the parts of hamburgers to fall of ledges. Another one where you wonder if the creator had to have therapy. Especially with the throwing of the pepper on the hot dogs, fried eggs and pickles that chased you!

12) Dig Dug – The biggest trouble with this game is that it gets very hard very fast. You don’t go very far on 25 cents, that’s for certain.

13) Space Invaders – A classic. And actually, I like the Atari 2600 port of it better than the actual game. In fact, I might go play it now.

Not terribly original, I know, and here's a Sinistar Defender game (damn Wikipedia for misleading me!) getting thrown out of a building in Sheena Easton's "Almost Over You" video.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for Dan doing another TT! This actually a fun list. I loved Ms. PacMan. My dad's favorite was this thing called River Raid. :)