Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not the Dolly Lama

I am always so thrilled whenever someone feels like they should make a music video. These days, they seem like afterthoughts. Even Madonna, who is arguably the queen of the music video, seems to be going through the motions these days. Anyway, I came across this video for Dolly Parton's new-ish single "Better Get To Livin'" and naturally, I had to post it.

What I love most about this video (apart from its simple existence) is that for once, Dolly does not look like a department store mannequin. OK, she does when she's dressed up like the backwoods Barbie doll (Backwoods Barbie is actually the name of her upcoming CD - being released in February or something) but the top hat/whip/black and burgundy outfit she wears at the circus show is very regal looking! She actually looks her age, save the fact that she hasn't a single wrinkle on her 61 year old face!

I once read an article or interview that described Dolly as having been bitten by a vocal vampire or something - referring to the fact that her voice sounds so good this late in her life. It is pretty amazing when you think about it. How many 61 year olds do you want to hear sing? (wait a second, considering the music I listen to, perhaps I should rephrase the question!!) Anyway, I'm glad she's still around and is a big liberal despite the fact that she really wants success at country radio again. It can't be easy for her being such a gay icon AND an icon of country music which is not exactly well known for its left-leaning politics.

The prospect of a 2008 Dolly tour is the one thing that would make me rethink wanting to go see Madonna again next year. If I see Dolly live, I can cross one more person off my list of people I want to see live before I (or they) die. And of all the people left on that list, Dolly is one I really REALLY want to see live. But I'd prefer to see her in a smaller arena and not something like Wells Fargo Arena or Hilton Coliseum. How about the M-Shop?

However, if I'm going to cross Blossom Dearie off that list, I'd better get my sorry butt to New York soon.
UPDATE: Actual conversation Anna and I had while watching this video.

Anna: Dad, that's a lot of different Kylies.
Me: Anna, that's not Kylie!
Anna: Well, it's hard to tell because they kind of sound alike - and look alike.

Folks, you can't make this shit up!

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Yuяi said...

Dolly looks good! And the opening chords remind me of another song that I cannot put my finger on! It's making me crazy..pretty sure it's not a country song. If it comes to me, I'll share it with ya.

Anna's comment: priceless! :)