Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All spun up

Jeff called me from his vacation spot in sunny Florida last night and he mentioned how he was at a record store and listened to Cyndi Lauper's new record. I don't know that he has ever been what you would call a Cyndi Lauper "fan" but he really could not say enough good things about that album. And he made a stunning admission, basically calling it the more worthy successor to Confessions On A Dance Floor. I have to say that while I do appreciate Hard Candy and enjoy the songs, it still do and always will prefer Confessions to it.

Anyway, here's the video for Cyndi's "Into The Nightlife." I love it. This song may boot "Same Ol' Story" from the summer playlist, although there may be room for both. We'll just have to see how the summer plays out.

And since it's finally available on YouTube and Warner has called off the attack dogs, here's Madonna's "Give It 2 Me" video. Lazy, yes, but she looks fantastic!

This video reminds me, stylistically, a lot of the "Erotica" video, with it's black and white and cut aways to still photos.

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Adem With An E said...

I actually like the cheapness of the video. She looks hotter than she did in 4 Minutes and I thought she was smokin' in that one.

Lazy, yes, but still quite ace. Annoyed they've left that totally bonza instrumental bit before the "get stupid's" out of the radio edit though.