Friday, August 24, 2007

Farewell Bat Boy

We hardly knew ye. Yes, I was SHOCKED when I opened up Salon tonight and found out that Weekly World News is suspending its publication. How sad - it was truly a highlight of the grocery store checkout line. I think I actually bought an issue once - seriously, what was I thinking? The headlines were always the best, but perhaps the best ever was the tiny mermaid found in a can of tuna. In Iowa of all places. I can't believe that the local news networks didn't accidentally pick up on that one, much like the Chinese press did on the news of Congress demanding a retractable dome or they would relocate to another city.

Now we shall be stuck with stories of dubious truth concerning Lindsay, Paris, Nicole, Jessica, etc. - none of which are even half as interesting as Bat Boy. Or Satan escaping from an oil well fire. Or global warming being caused by aliens stealing our icebergs for parties.


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inkgrrl said...

Yes, my husband too is distraught. Never mind his short stories published all over the place, never mind his killer zombie novel currently in heavy rewrites, never mind his LA crime blog's popularity - the pinnacle of his writing career was apparently supposed to be a gig as a stringer for the WWN. All mourn the bat boy...