Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One down, 19 to go

Someone is missing something.

Heidi and I were in a big discussion last night when Anna comes barrelling into the room saying "Guys, I GOTTA tell you something." And then she sticks her hand out with her little tooth in it. This tooth has been loose for months, so it is quite a relief to Anna for it to have finally fallen out.

The tooth fairy did come last night, leaving a Sacajawea dollar, but thanks to a note that Anna left for her, took a British pound instead of the tooth (and considering the exchange rate, the tooth fairy came out ahead.)

One last look.


xolondon said...

Another milestone! Congrats. My neighbor used to pull out my teeth. Long story for another time. ;)

inkgrrl said...

Aww! The night before kindergarten - Anna has fabulous timing.

Yuяi said...

Anna looks thrilled! :) Congrats, you guys!