Sunday, April 22, 2007

Biennial springtime ritual

Does that post title sound like a subject line to a spam e-mail? I think it does. But it actually does describe something real in my life - something of which I am currently in the throes.

Every two years, I get a little letter from my state licensing board that says (I'm paraphrasing here) "Hey Dan! Do you want to keep working? Well, you better cough up 220 bucks. Oh, and there's that little matter of the 30 hours of continuing education that you need to have done. Show us the proof or else." Something like that anyway.

Every two years, I have to do 30 hours of CE to keep my license. Every year, I put it off until the last minute. And every time, I vow that I'm not going to do it the next time around, only to find myself, inevitably, scrambling to get the CEs done in time. And that's what I'm doing now. The good thing is that there are just TONS of free CEs on the web that I can do so at least I don't have to pay for the privilege.

I knocked out 8 hours of CE tonight in about 2 hours, and I realized that in October of 2005, I actually did a 2 hour lesson, so there's 10 hours. I'm 1/3 of the way there! It's actually not all that bad, but they are so damn tedious and the way the lessons are written reminds me so much of studying for exams when I was in school - all so much the ivory tower bullshit. But I do see the importance of continuing education - it's not like things stay static, especially in my line of work. I just wish I could motivate myself to do one 2 hour lesson each month. It wouldn't even take me two years to do all 30 hours!

I don't know though, it's a shared thing amongst pharmacists - at least the ones I've known. There's always the last minute "oh shit!" that goes along with "it's time to renew your license." I may take my stack of CEs and head back to Cafe Diem tomorrow morning and try to knock out a few more. I know I'm too tired to do any more tonight.

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