Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend recap

A busy and productive weekend was had by all here. Here's a quick recap.

1) Saturday morning - Anna's dance competition. While not quite as bad as the last one, it has still made us realize that we are NOT cut out to be dance parents (which does not bode well for our ability to be band parents or sports parents or [insert extracurricular activity here] parents.) We will, however, continue to survive.

2) Sunday involved chopping up all the branches that fell during the Oscar weekend ice and snow storm. We now have firewood to last until who knows when (probably not as long as we think, as Heidi put it yesterday.) Thanks to Mom and Dad for helping and bringing the chain saw - I even used the chain saw myself! Don't worry, it's an electrical chain saw so I won't be doing the Iowa version of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre anytime soon (or ever.)

3) Last and certainly not least we watched the first episode of the third series of Doctor Who (thank you BitTorrent!!) While I was curious to see how they'd
get along without Rose, I think the answer appears to be "just fine, thankyouverymuch." David Tennant proves yet again to be a fabulous (if "squirrely" as my mom put it) Doctor and Martha is more than worthy to follow in Rose's footsteps as the new companion. Funny how both this series opener and the last one were set in hospitals.

I don't think I'll fall so hopelessly far behind on this series as I did the last one!

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Paul said...

gah! I haven't even watched it yet - tomorrow will be my dr catch up day! And my parents were rubbish piano parents but i still mastered it ;)