Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Drowned World memories

Last night on the walk home from work, I was listening to the audio from the Drowned World Tour. Not my most favorite of Madonna's tours, but still, it was my first so it holds a special place in my heart. Despite the fact that our seats redefined nosebleed (seriously, there was nothing above us but ceiling), I will never forget the moment that Madonna walked on to the stage and Jeff's all "THERE SHE IS!!" and I'm saying "Where?! Where?!" because the stage was so smoky and foggy.

Anyway, here's the song I heard on the way home last night. It's "Frozen" which was one of two songs that I really wanted to hear on that tour that ended up being included in the set list, the other being "Secret." I kept a strict media blackout of all things tour related in the run up to going to that concert. Definitely could not do that now.

Whenever Madonna hums, it melts me to the core. I have no idea why. It just does.

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Anonymous said...

What? No "Mer Girl"? "Mer Girl Pt. II"? Please!

What a tour it was! I still remember thinking that it would be a hoot if she appeared from behind the audience in the back, maybe on some kind of rope/cord. We would have had front row seats, then! We would have shit ourselves, actually.

Great times...............