Tuesday, February 22, 2005


After a year on the market with not so much as a laughably low offer, someone is about to make an offer on our Washington house. And while I'm excited, I'm also trying very hard to not get too excited, as I know how these real estate things can go. Everything can be going along just fine and then all of a sudden, the bottom drops out and you're back where you started. The trouble is we're having a terrible time getting any realtor to call and give us a status report.

Heidi doesn't quite believe it's going to happen. And truth be told, neither do I. I would love nothing more than for this house to be sold and our last financial connection to Washington will finally be severed. We can close our bank accounts there, we won't ever have to pay Washington county property taxes again and we'll finally be able to start looking forward financially. The last year has been trying because this job pays so much more than my last one did and it's been nothing but squeaking by all year long. How wrong is that? It's times like those that I try not to focus on the problems and think about all the little things that are so right. We live in a great town now, we're all much happier. I have a happy, healthy 3 year old who is so comfortable in her surroundings. It's not about things--it's about those intangibles.

Still, I'd love for the house to sell so that we can get our financial act together again. After a year of keeping the plates spinning, I'm ready for a break--if only for a minute.

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