Friday, March 04, 2005

Stand Back

I was walking home from work tonight (definitely one of the worst nights ever) listening to my iPod and I found myself listening to this live version of Stevie Nicks' "Stand Back" that I downloaded off the net a few days ago. And dang, if it's not the best live version of "Stand Back" that I've ever heard Stevie do. "Stand Back" is one of her concert staples--so much that even Fleetwood Mac does it--but her live performance has always bugged me a little bit. She wrote in the liner notes to Timespace:
"Stand Back" has always been my favorite song onstage, because...when it starts, it has an energy that comes from somewhere unknown...and it seems to have no timespace. I've never quite understood this sound....but I have NEVER questioned it.
But I've always been kind of "huh?" to that statement because she always sounds so damn bored when she's singing it. She always sings it in a bit of a monotone and a lot of the inflection and coolness of the album version is sorely lacking from the live versions I've heard. Well, this one rocks my world because she's actually singing the notes rather than just going through and speaking them.

But perhaps the best bit of trivia to go along with "Stand Back" is that you can totally sing "Little Red Corvette" over the top of it. Try it sometime. It's amazing. And the video? Well, totally swing choir moves.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Stand Back was one of my first ever favorite songs...I remember having that song in my head for weeks! Any way you could pass along that live version??? :-)

Take care!