Monday, December 12, 2005

How many copies do I really need to own?

Madonna, how much of my money are you eventually going to get from your Confessions on a Dance Floor project? I bought the regular CD the day it was released because I wanted the continuous mix, but I also wanted instant gratification that morning so I bought the unmixed version of the CD on iTunes for $9.99. Overall, that only cost me $20.00 because the CD was on sale at Target for 10 bucks.

I vowed that I wouldn't purchased the limited edition that's coming out tomorrow. Even though it has a bonus track "Fighting Spirit." And a year long membership to her official fan club ICON which would gain me access to yet another bonus track called "Super Pop." And I'm not one to join fan clubs because they're mostly just ways to suck money out of fans. Additionally, I'd get the 40 page book with more photos from the photo shoot.

*sigh* I guess she'll probably get more of my money. But I'll wait to see if someone buys it for me for Christmas first as I told Heidi that's a good thing to tell people to get me if they're having trouble. That way, Madonna would get someone else's money for a change!

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha - amen. No wonder she can afford a mansion in Hertfordshire, especially at a time when the price of an English house seems to be rocketing daily. The really lame thing is that both Superpop and Fighting Spirit aren't actually that good or interesting. They would be passable filler on an album from a lesser pop star. So my word of advice, don't buy the membership or the deluxe edition if it is for these tracks. You can download them, albeit illegally, and though I do not advocate such behaviour and spend an inordinate amount of money on CDs myself, in this case, when it would be you getting ripped off, I would say do it - it's not like she can't afford it.

Thanks for the add. There is a link on my website now referring to yours. I'll check in every now and then.