Monday, June 08, 2009

Mountain passes

Today we navigated our way down from Denver to Cortez, CO by way of US Highway 285. It was not the way I was planning on going, but I will say that it was a beautiful drive. It took us from the an elevation of around 5000 feet to all the way up to some 10,000 feet at the Kenosha Pass. Let me tell you, you can feel every little bit of that 5000 foot rise in elevation. The roads are winding, the up and down is incredible and there is no such thing as cruise control while you're driving this route.

We also managed to find ourselves on the Wolf Creek Pass in southwest Colorado. This route has absolutely nothing on Kenosha. It is beautiful country, but some of the curves through the mountain are no-shit 25 mph and they mean business. There were several corkscrew turns and at least two complete U-turns. Heidi about had heart failure. It's a good thing she wasn't driving.

But apparently, the mother of all mountain passes in Colorado is the Red Mountain Pass. Looking at this picture, holy crap, I don't think I'll be attempting it EVER. At least Wolf Creek Pass was 4 lanes!

Some of our own pictures (not of Wolf Creek) coming in the next few days.


John said...

Wow...great start! You passed through parts of Colorado that I have yet to see, although I am hoping to remedy that situation later this summer. Safe travels, and thanks for the updates.

inkgrrl said...

I love roads like that!

And more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I am hoping that by posting this a technical calendar day after your birthday but on a blog entry that was made the day before your birthday it all averages out so that I'm not belated. Or something. Anyway, many many more!!