Sunday, November 23, 2003

It has been a bloody long time since I've blogged. I guess live has been busy. The real world interfering with online? Imagine that!

Heidi's smack dab in the middle of entering two manuscripts to the Golden Heart. This means that I see her about 2 hours out of the day total because she's writing like a mad woman up in the office. It's actually not so bad--Anna and I hang out and listen to music. Tonight we put her wood puzzles together and looked at CDs. She's really getting smart, I tell ya. Tonight I heard her say "Anna" for the first time. It was very distinct and in response to me asking her "Who's that?" and pointing to a picture of her. She's just so dang cute.

Well I think I've died and gone to heaven because the Alien movies are getting the deluxe DVD box set treatment. I love these movies, even though the last two were pretty much box office bombs. The coolest things about the Alien movies is how intricate the life cycle of the alien is. And the story is full of subtleties as well. The whole wanting to use the alien as a bioweapon and the thick-headedness of the humans on Earth of trying to get one back to Earth despite the fact that one alien can usually make mincemeat out of just about any large group of people is a cool concept. Why do they think they can tame that thing? My biggest gripe with the Alien movies, though, is how slimy and slobbery the aliens got as the movies went on. And yeah, the CGI aliens in the 4th movie are pretty fake looking. But fortunately, they also used models and puppets.

And I never knew that Joss Whedon (of "Buffy" fame) wrote the 4th movie. And know that, it makes total sense. There is quite a bit of Whedon-ness in that movie.

There's a really cool web site that I remember stumbling across when I was in grad school that described in the most minute detail the life cycle of the alien, plus its social behavior, etc., as if it were actually a real living thing and not just a product of Hollywood. It's called The Anchorpoint Essays and if you're interested in that kind of stuff, I suggest reading it. There's reams and reams of stuff to read there.

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