Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I picked up the "new" Madonna CD today Remixed and Revisited. It's really damn short (29 minutes!) but it was only ten bucks so there's really no complaining--especially since we got a whole new studio album earlier this year. The remixes are of "Nothing Fails", "Nobody Knows Me", "Love Profusion" and "American Life." I was shocked to find that they are actually more rock remixes than they are dance remixes--and dang, are they good! The "American Life" remix is a bit on the weird side, but overall, I really enjoy them. The biggest plus is the release of a previously unavailable track from the Bedtime Stories sessions called "Your Honesty." What was Madonna thinking? Why did she not put this on the album? She could have nixed either "I'd Rather Be Your Lover" or the heinously awful "Don't Stop" and put this great little song on instead. It wouldn't have been a hit single, but boy, it would have sure been a good album track. I was talking to Jeff about it last night and he thought that it seemed like it was so much cheesier than anything Madonna would do now, and while that's true, it was still way fun.

I picked up Ryan from the airport yesterday in Cedar Rapids, and it was really good to see him again. I never realized how much his moving away would change things around here. So he'll be here for Thanksgiving on Thursday, and he's bringing Olinka (sp?) so that'll be fun. I'm very eager to meet her. She seems like she's super-sweet. I mean, she bought Anna a Teletubby! She'll have won Anna over, that's for sure.

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