Saturday, December 27, 2003

Haven't blogged in forever--I know that's the same song, different verse. We made it through Christmas intact. My folks came down for the actual Christmas holiday. My sister also stayed overnight on Christmas Eve, which led to some tense cat moments while we decided exactly how we were going to keep cats away from my parents (sleeping in Anna's room) and Wendy (sleeping on the futon downstairs.) But we all survived, for after all, it was only one night. I got my Alien Quadrilogy DVD set, along with the Indiana Jones series on DVD. I'm telling you, between the books and DVDs we got, I'll either be watching TV or reading for a dang long time.

So anyway, Heidi went to Iowa City to go to The Return of the King again and I stayed home with Anna. She met her uncle and cousin up there, so it wasn't like she was going alone. We've had a good time at home this afternoon. We watched Sleeping Beauty and now she's watching Teletubbies. I was a "bad dad" and watched the rat horror movie Willard (the Crispin Glover remake version) while she was up and around. She kept saying "mouse! mouse!" which I thought was precious but I suppose that I could probably get in trouble with some sort of state child services program for letting her watch horror films. My take on it is that the sooner she learns all that stuff is fake, the less there is to be scared of. Now that doesn't mean that I'm going to let her go watch The Exorcist or something like that, but if she seems to want to watch something that I can talk to her about, then I'm going to do that.

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