Monday, December 29, 2003


On a listserv that I'm a member of, we've been talking about metrosexuality--i.e. straight guys that are not afraid to be in touch with their "feminine side." This usually entails being up to snuff on fashion and going to spas and stuff like that. Well, I found this quiz that can help you decide if you're metro or not. This is how I scored.

You're almost metro.
You're almost there!

You're on the right track with the way you dress, the places you shop
and the people you're with. Time for a little help from your friends.

Our advice: Spend more time with your gay friends, your girlfriends,
or visit your stylist. Avoid NASCAR events.

Alas, I fear that I may be living in too rural of an area to be truly considered metrosexual. Years ago (hell, even a year ago) I would have shied away from that label entirely, but now, what the hell?

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