Monday, July 12, 2004

Spiderman 2

Heidi and I made it to Spiderman 2 this weekend. And wow, the popular consensus was right. It's probably one of the best comic book movies ever made. It was just out of this world enough to be a comic book, but the superhero and action really took a backseat to the human element of the story. It doesn't help that I think Tobey Maguire is just about one of the coolest actors + whenever you have a sensitive, vulnerable hero like you have in Peter Parker, I'm always sucked in. Peter Parker is almost more interesting than Spiderman, as it's in Peter Parker that we get all the human, emotional drama. Sure, Spidey can swing through the streets of Manhattan and kick general butt, but it's the more human Peter Parker that really sells the story.

Ultimately, the story is about self-sacrifice and it's worth the 2+ hours in the theater to get to a very satisfying ending.

Of course, whenever I go to movies like that, I wish I knew someone like Peter Parker--or at least what my perception of Peter Parker is--someone who isn't afraid of their emotions or afraid to talk about real stuff. There just aren't enough of those kinds of people out there. Even here in Ames, I feel like I've stepped from one lonely place to another. Theoretically, there should be a larger population of people like me here because, well, there's a larger population. Granted I haven't exactly been really eager to join things because my schedule is all over the place and the general stress of the move has caused me to not want to be anywhere else but at home. Still, it would be nice to have a buddy to go hang out with. But then again, I think about how that would drain time from being with Anna and I will always choose her over anything else.

It just sucks to feel so lonely sometimes. It's not like I'm totally freaked out about it, but it just seems like there's no sense of community anywhere anymore. I mean, my job is good, but I don't see myself socializing with them. That's just not where I see the relationships going. And we have some nice neighbors, but I just don't think that there's anyone in the world that's like me and feels like I do and would be willing to talk with me like I want to. I'm a lot less obsessed with trying to find friends than I used to be. Mostly, I just figure that it'll work out if it's meant to and if it isn't, no big whoop.

Well, I'll get by. And I'm probably gonna go see Spiderman 2 again. The first movie of the summer that's merited going twice--I'm not sure even Fahrenheit 9/11 is a movie I'm going to go to twice.

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