Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So much for "the war on terror"

Despite the fact that we've been at war for practically 6 years now, a new government document says that al-Qaeda is now better poised to launch a terror attack than it has been since pre 9/11. Great going Bush. Way to keep us safer.

What a putz.

When will this nightmare of a presidency be over?


Anonymous said...

This nightmare of a presidency will be over just about the time the nightmare of the next presidency begins.

Trying to picture Gore handling 9/11.

Nope. I got nothing.

Dan said...

It's funny - I can't really tell if this is a pro-Bush comment or an anti -Bush comment. *shrugs*

Unknown said...

Well, I agree with you Dan. This Administration will go down in history as probably the worst one in history. You can't go back and say what if... Al Gore is an intelligent, honorable man. I'm inclined to think he would have done a better job. But, you never know. All I can say is I certainly don't feel safer now.