Friday, August 15, 2008

Not dead yet

August is on track toward being my least prolific blogging month in the nearly 5 year history of this blog! This week has not been what I would characterize as one of my best, but I have a couple posts in draft form, so hopefully I'll publish them soon.

I know, you're all waiting breathlessly for me to blog something. Believe me, I don't have those kinds of delusions of grandeur.

More soon. I promise.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought something was missing from my Google Reader. Expected to see lots of Madonna themed posts in light of her fiftieth birthday tomorrow. Has been the only topic that has dragged me out of my own August lull. Hope we expect to hear more from you soon. P

Daniel said...

I expect nothing less than brillance from you Daniel Cullinan, so i don't mind if it takes until the time when Cher eventually puts out another album for you to do some goooood bloggin'. :)

Adem With An E said...

Do we get a birthday post for a certain someone Mister?