Monday, June 01, 2009

Neurons firing

Nabbed from Boy Culture:

I usually am hard pressed to watch YouTube videos longer than 90 seconds, but this one had me for the entire 6 minutes. Watching this reminds me of why I have been a Madonna fan for 25 years - just look at the body of work she has behind her. Each image fires off neurons in different sections of my brain all at once. Images from the "La Isla Bonita video" set my 14 year-old brain to memories of standing in P.E. talking to Jeff about the video (and amazed I knew someone else who shared my obsession). Flickering shots of from Sex remind my 20 year-old brain listening to Erotica in solitude. Even Madonna eras I'm not terribly fond of have something positive to give - the "4 Minutes" video will forever be linked to my first time in New York City.

I have taken my fair share of shit over the years for being a Madonna fan, but it is not an experience I would trade for anything in the world. As Matt Rettenmund said in his post - she *is* me, well, sort of. But these images are something that all Madonna fans share. I'm not sure where she's going these days (hell, I'm not sure that even she knows where she's going) but the fans really do share in this body of work.


Adem With An E said...

I loved the video and, more importantly, what you wrote underneath it.

Particularly that last paragraph, because my earliest memories of elementary school and lingering ones of high school all relate back to copping crap for being a Madonna fan. That last paragraph sums it up for so many, I think. So thank you.

Yuяi said...

I was glued for the entire time too! I so love pre Erotica Madonna. Not that I don't enjoy the album now, but it was just so outrageous and so unnecessary back then that I just couldn't believe how "out there" she had become. I mean, why do you need a Sex book when you are the #1 star on the planet? It totally escapes me even now. But oh well, that was then and this is now. It's still great to look back when she was in her prime and smile at how fabulous she was. Ah, the memories.

xolondon said...

Great video!