Monday, August 03, 2009


This is one of the songs of the summer of 2009. The trouble with it is, it is certainly not unique to 2009. In fact, it has such strong ties to my childhood that the minute I start listening to it, I'm back in my parents' house listening to the 8-track that this song came from. I have such vivid and specific memories associated with this song, but much like the images conjured up by "Graveyard Girl", I can't really articulate them. What I do know is that it makes me feel good - the only part I don't really agree with is the "I can wait for fate to bring around to me any part of my tomorrow." Based on my last post, that would seem to be exactly the opposite of what I need to do. But I do really love this song.

Heidi always quietly mocks my fondness for old Helen Reddy music, but if my life were like a set of Jenga blocks, good old Helen is pretty close to the bottom of that tower.

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