Monday, August 24, 2009

Single disc craziness

Via boy culture and the MadonnaTribe forums, the track list for the single disc version of Celebration has seen the light of day. I'm not sure of the source, as it is not credited on his site and is credited in the MadonnaTribe forums as from a "fan site", so perhaps it is just a rumor, but it solidifies in my mind that trying to put this woman's history at Warner Brothers on one CD is a fool's errand.

Hung Up
4 Minutes
Like A Virgin
Into The Groove
Like A Prayer
Ray Of Light
La Isla Bonita
Material Girl
Papa Don't Preach
Lucky Star
Express Yourself
Open Your Heart
Dress You Up

I look at that track list and just cannot believe my eyes. It hardly matters if it is accurate or not, because it is so lacking in pretty much every way. The LEAST they could have done with that pared down list is put it in chronological order. What is cool sequencing across the two-disc version ends up being haphazard on the single disc. Ultimately, the single disc is a huge waste of natural resources and will probably sell 10 copies because even casual fans expect more for their buck than that. Given the opportunity and budget, I could have come up with a better representation of her career in 18 songs than they did!

I really wish that "Celebration" the song were faring a bit better - right now, it's certainly more of a miss than a hit. I am not one to get wrapped up in Madonna's chart performance but it would have been nice to see her get a little radio airplay. It's a good song - although I have been comparing it to trying to have a raging campfire with only kindling and newspaper. Its staying power has not been what I would have expected considering my initial reaction. "Hung Up" it is most certainly not. Still, it's gotten a damn lot of play in the last few weeks.

As a friend of mine said, it would behoove Madonna to put a little of herself in her music these days. Even though "Celebration" could have fit easily on Confessions, the latter succeeds precisely because Madonna's heart is still in it.


John said...

The first thing that jumps out is that the other new track isn't listed. I don't know if they would delegate that track to just the double, but who knows.

Yuяi said...

Good points, guys. The track list is way too scattered, and it just hurts my head looking at it.