Saturday, May 29, 2004

Average Everyday Sane Psycho...

Yeah, the Liz Phair song "Extraordinary" is stuck in my head today. Funny how it ended up on the Queer Eye For The Straight Guy soundtrack CD, but I suppose if you listen to the lyrics closely, it fits in pretty well. Heck it was probably used in one of the episodes and that was the only inclusion criteria that it had. I haven't bought that CD and I think I probably won't because I just don't know what kind of shelf-life it might have. It could easily be one of those things that you buy and listen to a lot initially and then you never listen to it again.

So here I sit listening to some bonus tracks from Fleetwood Mac's Say You Will CD (which is a CD that has really grown on me a lot) and it's been a pretty good day overall. We're going to The Day After Tomorrow at 4:30 today with Jeff and Wendy while my folks babysit so it'll be nice to get away for a while. I'm reading some of the reviews of The Day After Tomorrow on Rotten Tomatoes and it's making me wonder what some of these reviewers were expecting. I mean--it's a freaking disaster movie! I don't think anyone is going to this movie expecting fine cinema. It's a Roland Emmerich picture, for God's sake!

Back later with my impressions on the movie

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