Thursday, August 25, 2005

Feels like I'm going to lose my mind...

For reasons not-quite unexplained, I've really been into "Borderline" these days. It's one of the best of Madonna's early works--one I really wish she would perform live now. There were a few weeks when rumors coming out of Madonna message boards were saying that "Borderline" was part of the Re-Invention Tour set list. Alas, it did not end up being on the set list, much to my chagrin. Although "Burning Up" (another of my faves from the early days) did make the list, I would have loved to hear "Borderline."

So this morning, before Anna got up, I put on The Immaculate Collection DVD and cued up "Borderline." For kind of a throwaway video (in sharp contrast to videos like "Like A Prayer," "Vogue," and even lesser known tracks like "Deeper & Deeper" and "Bad Girl") it really holds its own. Perhaps its because its one of those original videos from around the time that MTV was born. Sometimes it's hard to tell which came first, Madonna's videos or MTV. They were a perfect match--of course, now that MTV doesn't play videos, it's not surprising that her later videos have less of a pop cultural influence.

I'll always love "Borderline." It was probably the song that brought me into the Madonna fold. And she looks so darn young in that video! It's almost hard to believe it's the same person.

(And for those of you following along, the reason I'm so into "Borderline" these days is due in no small part to Rob Thomas, who covered "Borderline" for some acoustic concert somewhere, an mp3 of which inevitably ended up on the web and consequently in my collection.)

Here's to hoping that she heals quickly from her tumble from the horse, and that when she tours in 2006 she'll be playing "Borderline" at long last.

(picture courtesy All About Madonna)

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raven said...

My wife and I are so with you. In exact opposite of my last comment about Babs I can always forgive Madonna her unfortunate blips of oddness because she is does try to stretch as an artist (which Lord knows her range is not that much). I'll take An American Life when you get an awesome album like Music. I'm a little worried about her next album because we were really hoping that she'd be dropping the electronic stuff (she's been there done it we get it). We were hoping she'd take learning accoustic guitar for Re-Invention and do a hardcore rock album. But with Madonna there is not trying to guess her. You just have to wait and see. I'll be in line on iTunes at Midnight when her album is released no matter what.