Wednesday, August 17, 2005


It only took 18 months, but as of 3:30 pm today, our house in Washington was officially sold. The closing was today, I had to cough up around $12,000 to sell the house (still trying to work my head around that one--paying to sell a house.) But I guess that's what you get when you invest in property in a small town.

No matter what happens now, at least I'm out from underneath it. It's someone else's baby now. The "long overdue" business that Heidi and I had to attend to in Washington was the unearthing of St. Joseph--it seemed like incredibly bad karma to keep him buried in the yard after the house was sold, even though it took him long enough. Personally, I don't think it was St. Joe at all. About mid-July, we drew a cartoon of the house on a Post-It Note and stuck it on the bathroom mirror, with the word SELL written on it. We figured, with that kind of thing on the bathroom mirror, it won't ever be far from our minds. And call me crazy, but more things happened with that house since we did that than in the 16 months prior.

I'm glad to be out of Washington. When we were there last weekend, it seemed so much more redneck than it ever did when I lived there. I remember thinking to myself, "oh man, I dodged a bullet not having to send Anna to school here."

So goodbye house. It was the first house I ever bought, and I'm not likely to ever forget it. But I'm sure glad I'm not paying the mortgage (and utilities and insurance and taxes) on it anymore as well as the house I own in Ames. 18 months of that was more than enough.

This is the nadir, I guess. This is the most (I hope) that I will ever owe. We can only climb out from here.

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Brian said...

Congratulations. That had to be some huge, house-shaped monkey on your back. Maybe you needed a more pagan ritual. I'm hoping that the condo association lets us do an animal sacrifice on the lawn before our for-sale-by-owner sign goes up in a couple of years. It might violate the pet policy would be my guess.