Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Annelid trauma

Anna got to bring home an earthworm today from preschool -- well, everyone in the class did, actually, on the condition that they set it free when they got home. Anna's always been a little fascinated with earthworms, which, frankly, surprises me given her whole bugphobia thing. Maybe it's because earthworms don't have the gift of flight and move so damn slow they're a lot less threatening than a boxelder bug or a dust mite.

Anyway, she found a spot in the yard for it and set it free -- we watched it burrow in the dirt a little bit before coming back inside. She went off to play a computer game and Heidi and sat around the dining room table talking about the secrets to the life and the known universe (as usual.) Suddenly, here comes Anna around the corner with tears rolling down her cheeks. Thinking that she'd hurt herself or something like that, I ask her what's wrong, only to have her tell me, "I miss wormy" at which point she melts into my chest and sobs.

Only my daughter.

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Chari-Dee said...

Kids are great. Two years ago we found a box turtle over the summer and let my son (then 4) keep him. When it started to get colder we told him he should let Tootie the Turtle (very creative, huh?) go because he needed to find some place to burrow for the winter. Very bravely my son took him out of the aquarium and set him down. As soon as the turtle started to walk away my son ran after him with tears streaming down his face. It took about 6 attempts, but finally, Tootie was able to leave the yard and find a winter spot. For two days after, we had long crying fits for the missed Turtle. And to this day, he still likes to tell stories of that turtle!