Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Huge face

I haven't done a video blog in a while and I thought "what the hell? Let's shake things up a bit." And since the whole point of doing a video blog is to not have to write anything, let's get on with it. (It was not this dark when I filmed it. Oh well.)

Here's the back of it that I mentioned in the above video. I think that's the coolest part of the shirt.


xolondon said...

Bigger is better Dan!

Lammert said...

I have lots of Madonna-shirts (not only tour-tee's), but i actually never wear them. I just wanted to have them...because M. on it.

The only shirt i have put on a lot, was the "sailor-"tee from the Girlie Show ( I love the pic and M's head is also HUUUGE on it :-)

The last couple of years i stopped buying the shirts...because i am a bit older and i realised that the shirts never come out of the closet.