Saturday, September 05, 2009


How in the hell did I miss out on this?

Clearly, I need to be paying a little more attention to Entertainment Earth, or at least get on their e-mail list. Not that I have 37 bucks to blow on this, but it would make a nice addition to the horror crap I have collected over the years.

Truth be told, it's probably too scary for Anna, and the movie is DEFINITELY too scary for Anna. If it featured Father Karras' dead mother sitting on the bed, there's no way on God's green Earth I'd buy it (the one part of the movie that still gives me the willies).



V said...

Interesting find! The bed should also shake... would be a nice touch. I can't believe the head rotates too! This movie still creeps me out. That scene with the cross alone..

Heidi Cullinan said...

Honey, this figure is too scary for your WIFE. Honestly, this is one you'd have to keep in the closet where I'd never, ever come across it. Your blog was traumatic enough. I couldn't handle the real thing!

Dan said...

V - the bed should shake, you're right on that one. That movie scarred me for life as a kid, and it was the edited for network TV version that I saw!

Heidi - no worries, I'm not buying it. And at the rate I'm blogging, it'll be far down the page before too much longer. ;)