Friday, October 09, 2009

Podcast revealed

As promised, the podcast I participated in is up and ready for the download. You have one of two options should you choose to listen to it (and really, you should - we're brilliant.) You can go to the podcast web site (it's episode 31) and download from there. Alternatively, you can go to iTunes and get the podcast that way. Either way, do it.

I clearly need to be taught how to use a microphone, so go easy on me. If you have positive comments, I'd love to hear them. Please keep negative comments to yourself. My ego is, as Kylie would sing, made of glass.

And to anybody arriving at this blog via the Live Free or Blow Hard web site - welcome. Hope you like what you see. It was a blast being on the podcast and just want to say thanks to Matt and Lance for having me on.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hey Dan, just wanted to drop you a line that I really enjoyed the podcast. I thought that you were great in it. Great research! Your prep work really shined. :) You and your friends helped me get through some cleaning yesterday, so it's much appreciated.

Jeff said that you were joking about us doing a podcast on Oscar night. That would be hysterical. Can you imagine all of us putting together our list of top 3 films that were "snubbed" by Oscar? I might be willing to pay to hear that one. ;)