Monday, October 19, 2009

I had to have this talk with you

Dear Dolly,

This clip from your upcoming CD/DVD combo Dolly Live From London has hit the web today. The video is for the song "Jolene" which has always been one of my favorites. Watching it took me back to the experience of seeing you live not once but twice in 2008.

In this day and age of manipulated live vocals, you can almost say for sure that this has had something done to it, but not very damn much. You sounded pretty much this good at both the shows I saw. And I love the little-bit-crazy-grandma bit that you seem to have adopted to great success. But here's my problem. WHY IS ONLY PART OF THE SHOW BEING RELEASED? I know that 15 songs is generous, but the show was 20+ songs easily. If you're releasing that much, why not go and release the whole thing? Call me crazy, but I was really hoping for your version of "Thank God I'm A Country Girl". Perhaps it's a rights issue, who knows, but I can't shake the tinge of disappointment surrounding this release.

Still, that's a minor bitch, but I had to get it out. You know you've got me for life, and I still hope someone buys it for me for Christmas (hint hint).

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