Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hot and cold emotions confusing my brain

When I woke up this morning, I had ideas of what I might get accomplished. I thought I might write a blog post that's been ramming around in me for a couple days. I thought I might watch a little bit more of some movies I'm trying to finish rewatching for an upcoming podcast appearance (more on that later this week.)

What I did not think I would be doing is downloading more Samantha Fox songs from eMusic than is really appropriate for anyone for anyone. Who knew she her stuff was even available on eMusic?

Nothing says "Dan's freshman year of high school" more than Samantha Fox's "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)" Actually, that's not quite accurate - True Blue probably says it more - but it was a banner year for music and me. I have so many vivid memories attached to songs from the 1986-1987 school year than you can shake a stick at. It was the first year that I watched the Billboard Top Ten (via the weekly report in the Des Moines Register) with great interest. I also watched MTV pretty much constantly as I started listening to more than just Olivia Newton-John.

But back to Samantha Fox. What sold me on "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)" was probably its Madonna-esque sound and well, the video (appealing to teen boys crazy on testosterone everywhere.)

I actually still have the 45rpm single of "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)" and also the one for "Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)" but I wisely never bought an entire album of hers. Who really needs 10 Samantha Fox songs? Well, apparently the folks at eMusic because they have a 3-disc, 39 track collection of what appears to be a mish-mash of her studio albums under the name Touch Me. Believe me, if no one needed 10 Samantha Fox songs, absolutely no one needs 39. (look, it's on iTunes as well!)

That has not stopped me from downloading quite a few of those 39 songs though. I finally found the B-side to the "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)" 45 ("Drop Me A Line") and also grabbed some of her minor hits. The thing that kills me about Samantha Fox's songs is how many of them have a parenthetical portion - there's the aforementioned "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)" and "Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)". Then there's "I Surrender (To The Spirit of the Night)" and "(Do Ya Do Ya) Wanna Please Me?", as well as her cover of the Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction".

Oddly missing from all this Sam Fox goodness is yet ANOTHER song with a parenthetical portion called "Hurt Me! Hurt Me! (But The Pants Stay On)" which I remember putting on a compilation CD one year collecting "songs least likely to be covered by a church choir." Instead, there is a 2009 remix of "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)" which appears to be rerecorded and if you thought her vocals were manipulated in 1987, it's nothing compared to what 2009 technology can do.

So yeah, more Samantha Fox than I expected this morning. But I say that like it's a bad thing.

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Yuяi said...

Funny you should mention Sam Fox. While sifting through the latest PWL/SAW offerings, I came across "Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now" and instantly fell in love. Until then, I had never heard it. I also picked up "I Promise You," "Another Woman (Too Many People)" - which is very Cathy Dennis "Too Many Walls", and "I Only Wanna Be With You." Very dated, most of these, but they are GREAT for the treadmill or for driving. Check 'em out. :)