Saturday, December 05, 2009

10 minutes

I have 10 minutes to update this blog, because in 10 minutes I need to (as Madonna would say) get unconscious.

I'm working nights. It was unexpected and I am doing 5 in a row. Never have I done this many. As of this moment, I'm 60% of the way through them. In exchange for all this, I'll work 60 hours this week and still manage to get Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off work next week. A win all around except for Heidi and Anna who never see me except when I emerge like a hibernating bear to forage for food and get ready to leave.

In honor of that, let's have "Bedtime Story" - a song that has really grown on me over the years even though I only sort of liked it when it came out. The video always seemed overdone, but it's still visually like nothing else.

There will be more when I'm through all this.

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John said...

One of my freaky and yet amazing. Hang in there!